Blue Backsで翻訳勉強:『光と電気のからくり』

Blue Backsで翻訳勉強:山田克哉の『光と電気のからくり』

山田克哉の『光と電気のからくり』: Amazon, 楽天

若くて、まだ機械エンジニアとして現役だった頃はBlue Backsをよく読んでいたが、もう10年以上読んでいない。最近、理工系の本が読みたくなった。今になって読み始めても仕事に役立つわけではないが、理工系の本は「なるほどそうだったのか」と新しい知識を得たとき, 他の本とは違った新鮮な満足感がある。








I explained that the weight of electrons within an atom is so small comparing with the weight of the atomic nucleus, however, as far as electrical charge is concerned we cannot ignore electrical charge of electrons.
The existence of electrons enables atoms to be neutral. Thinking all objects including human bodies as a compound of various atoms, if atoms were not neutral but positive or negative, how would the world become? If so, the world like today could not exist.
The reason why we cannot sense any electricity to the touch of objects around us is the both of human bodies and all objects are neutral. However, as I explained, just because all objects are neutral, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have an electrical charge at all.

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